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AFHS Varsity Zone
The Arsenio Hall Show (HD, Repeat, TV-14) From "Saint George" actor George Lopez; from "Trophy Wife" actor Albert Tsai; comic Camille Solari performs.
The Insider (HD, New, TV-14) "Rake" star Greg Kinnear; legendary actor Richard Chamberlain.
Everybody Loves Raymond Baggage (TV-PG) When Ray and Debra begin an ongoing dispute over who should put away a suitcase, Robert thinks they're crazy, but Frank and Marie can easily relate.
Curse of the Pink Panther (TV-PG, PG, *+) A famous inspector goes missing, and the police attempt to hire the world's next best detective to find him, but instead, they hire the worst officer on Earth.
Real Men (TV-PG, PG-13, *+) A CIA agent known for his womanizing skills gets paired up with a self-conscious insurance agent and together are forced to seal a deal for aliens.
The Simpsons Kill Gil, Vol. 1 & 2 (TV-PG) The Simpsons take pity on an unemployed Gil and invite him over for Christmas dinner; but he soon finds a way to overstay his welcome.
American Dad! Merlot Down Dirty Shame (HD, TV-G) Roger oversteps his boundaries with Francine in a drunken moment, and when she goes to tell Stan, he tries to make the story work in his favor.
That '70s Show Eric's Corvette Caper (TV-14) Eric lets his date drive Red's corvette but ends up having to rush it home when Kitty and Red come back to town early; Jackie and Donna sneak into Casey's room.
That '70s Show Hyde's Birthday (TV-14) Kitty enlists Jackie and Donna to help her decorate for Hyde's surprise birthday party, but believing he'll be kicked out of the house, Hyde isn't in the mood.
Friends The One with Joey's Porsche (TV-14) Joey poses as a Porsche driver while trying to locate the car's actual owner; Ross and Rachel are forced to get a divorce when the annulment falls through.
Friends The One with Five Steaks and an Eggplant (TV-14) Chandler seeks to make the most of the situation when a sexy woman calls the wrong number; Monica is accused of taking kickbacks and gets fired.
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